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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New Series: Land of Wealth

Land Of Wealth - 滙通天下 Released Monday 11th September in Hong Kong


Credits to MetalAZNWarrior for translation!

Silver, bank notes - the space between power, vanishing the old
The commercial war joins the stage. Exciting the soul, frightening the heart!

Chai Bak Chuen (Moses Chan Ho) is a descendent of a government official. His family was framed and sentenced to beheading, but luckily, he managed to survive and escape. He becomes the disciple of Kiu Boon Yip (John Chiang Dai Wai), the boss of Shanxi's first bank, Ding Fung Sing.

Chuen realizes that Ba Ba Ha Yi Ko Wai (Sonija Kwok Sin Nei) is a foreigner because she feels inferior, so doesn't dare to show her love. Meanwhile, the Kiu's second young mistress, Kiu Jun (Tavia Yeung Yi) and the military aircraft official, Cheung Sung Man (Steven Ma Chun Wai) love each other. However, the couple's relationship, because Man has to impartially investigate Ding Fung Sing, meets conflicts.

On one occasion, Ding Fung Sing suffers from big storekeeper Cho Yu Tai's (Lau Dan) frame, almost causing them to go out of business. The imperial court doesn't end harsh laws and furthermore, it asks Ding Fung Sing to keep inflating money. Before Yip's death, he hands Ding Fung Sing to Chuen, who time and time again helped him to overcome difficulties. The merchant fights with wealth, government officials fight still with power. How can Chuen lead Ding Fung Sing in facing the corrupt late Qing government?

Trailer: Credits to terrortot for uploading clip!


Credits to MC3 for the link! View more photos at this forum

Aodinia's comments:
This series look awesome...yet tragic. Plotwise it looks really good and the storyline seems very interesting. It has a stunner of a cast line up! Along with the four leads we have four veterens - John Chiang, Lau Dan, Chan Hung Lit and Chung King Fai! Tavia looks VERY pretty! All the costumes are pretty, so far it looks very promising. I can't wait till I get my hands on an episode. With its tragic love story and business relations will it be able to do as well as War and Beauty? We'll have to wait and see.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Miss Chinese New Zealand (or something along those lines)

I'm going to be quite busy tonight so unable to write a full analysis about the contestants, but I thought Id stick this in now before the final results are known as the pageant is held tonight. Hopefully it will be aired on TV so I can tell you the contestants performances. There will be TVB guests with Ander Jun, Leanne Li, Charmaine Sheh and Joe Ma. Excuse the quality of the pictures as they were scans. Another version will be followed up later with details about the contestants. Also take note that some of them DONT look exactly what they look like on the photo. I'll mention those ones beneath the pics. Oh and click to enlarge for a much clearer version!

Aodinia's comments:
On the ads, no. 3 looked a little like Tracey Yip.

Aodinia's comments:
No. 4 somehow resemble Sharon Chan, No. 5 looks similiar to Griselda Yeung and No. 6 looks like an exact replica of Pinky Cheung despite her just in her last year of high school.

Aodinia's comments:
No. 8 looks a little like Linda Chung but in the preshow she looked way prettier than she does on the pic.

Aodinia's comments:
No. 11 looks like Natalie Wong, though yet again on the preshow she dosent looke like what she does in the photo. No. 12 doesn't look AS old.

I've only seen the last couple of contestants on the preshow and they don't look as terrible as they do in the pics. (They should fire the photographers!) I'm waiting for the show to determine who really deserves to get the crown, but so far I dont think Aimee Chan has anything to worry about yet as this year's winner will take part in Miss Chinese International.


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