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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tavia Yeung Has Her Bust Measured in Public - Clarified Version

I'm sure most of you have read this article, regarding about Tavia's work with a new breast enhancement product. If not here's the article where most people have read:
Credits to dee-lush for translation

Tavia Yeung has been made the spokesperson for a breast enhancement and body sculpture program. At a function, Tavia had her bust size measured and will be using the products of the company for 100 days. After the 100 days, she will have her bust measure again to prove that the product works. Tavia expressed that she did not feel embarrassed to have her chest measured in public and that she hopes to receive a result of a 33C chest size after the program. The actress then disclosed that she is trying the program out so that she will be able to have a perfect figure. When asked if the program was successful, would she start wearing skimpy outfits more often. To this, Tavia commented that she will not purposely reveal her nice figure but she does not object to sex appeal.

Here's also another article about the same event but with more details to why for the sudden change:
Credits to bellablue for article and credits to RayTav for translation

Tavia Yeung has become spokesperson for the Be A Lady Beauty Centre for their breast enhancement and sculpture system and in order to prove the results of the product, she joined three models to have her bust measured to compare with the results in a hundred days time to prove that the product has worked.

Being measured in public, Tavia was not embarrassed as she measured up as a 31B and she smiled: "It's okay! There is nothing I cannot show. (What measurement would you like your bust to be?) I hope to be a 33C." Asked about her fee, she smiles that it is very good and this product needs to be worn for ten hours a day, but she has to film so is she worried that she will not have enough time to wear it? She says that she will make the most of the time that she has and she will also promote it to other friends who would like to enhance their breasts.

The organisers had arranged for the models to try the enhancement product and it looked quite large and bulky, but Tavia says that she has tried wearing it for five or six hours and she did not feel uncomfortable and she felt good because at least she does not have to take pills or have injuections and it will not reduce in time. Having previously said that she likes her flat chested figure, why is she now looking to enhance her breasts? She says frankly that when she was filming "casino Crisis" people laughed that her pads were very fake and whenever she removed her pads, people would laugh at her and be surprised at her real figure. This hurt her, so she thought seriously about improving her figure.

She insists that she is not looking to go down the sexy route, but a beautiful shape will make her look even better in some outfits and the only problem she can envisage is that she will have to buy herself a new set of clothes. Asked if she will be wearing skimpy tops more, she smiled: "There are more to come, so wait and see. As long as it is not overly revealing, then I will not object to being sexy." She believes that enhancing her breasts will increase her confidence, but as for whether this will attract more admirers, she smiles: "I am not afraid, this can be a good thing because it proves that I have appeal and attractiveness."

Here's the pic of the product that Tavia will be using and might I add those are NOT the real size of the model's bust. Its the product that they are endorsing. Please click on the pic to see the enlarged version and you can clearly see that its not actually her bust size.

Aodinia's comments:
The reason why I posted this, is because this was posted on the Af forum and many people had not bothered to read the later article and made many assumptions about the whole process even after numerous times members have stated that the woman's breasts are not the actual size. I felt like I couldn't stress it enough. Anyways she's not injecting herself with anything or eating any pills. It's more an outside thing more than and inside thing which is could so she couldnt not harm herself. I personally find Tavia's figure pretty nice in itself but if she feels that this will boost her confidence up then I'll support her. Just hope she doesnt turn into an over sexy symbol like *cough* but it seems she reassured everyone that she wont go over the top!


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