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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"糖心風暴" - Sweet Heart Tempest, it's final name?

There has been numerous titles for the 40 episode series starring Tavia Yeung, Bosco Wong, Moses Chan, Linda Chung, Yoyo Mung, Raymond Lam, Carrie Lam, Fala Chen and Lee Si Kei.

Currently 糖心風暴 is the title but its also tentative so not a lot is known. Anyway after browsing the Asianfanatics forum I've found some interesting stuff about this series translated by Kozzi who's also the web mistress of Bosco's official english site!! Anyways this is from Tavia's site which is revamped with a new layout. There are MAJOR spoilers so read at your own risk!

Last Warning!!!

Tavia plays Cheuk Man lai (Jackie)
Bosco plays Tong Chi Yat

Tavia's Character:
Tough and stubborn personality, even slightly self-centred. Has a unreasonable bossy attitude. She'd do things simply because she felt like it. Not afraid to love or hate. Married into a wealthy family, but was treated poorly by husband. All her life, she just wanted to experience a fierce and intense relationship. After meeting Yat (Bosco Wong), she thought that she had finally met her ideal partner.

Background and Experience:
She was originally a famous model with plenty of potential. Just when her career was about to take off, she met a famous wealthy young man, Yeung Siu Chi (Raymond Lam?). Jackie's mother, Mei, wanted her to become rich, so she instructed Jackie to marry into the Yeung family, using any means possible. Naive Jackie got what she wanted, but her life with the Yeung family was not happy. Chi was always out playing around, and beat Jackie whenever he was upset.

By chance, Jackie met Yat (Bosco Wong), who had just returned to Hong Kong. Their meeting must've been the work of fate, because they quickly engaged in a passionate relationship. Chi soon discovered their relationship, and was enraged. As a result, he started beating Jackie even more. Yat used private investigators to obtain photographs of Chi cheating with other women to blackmail Chi. Chi finally agreed to divorce Jackie, and this became the latest gossip in town.

Yat announced to the Tong family his plans to marry Jackie. His family were all equally surprised, especially Boh, Kam, and them, who tried to create conflict within the family. Yat didn't care about public opposition, and was determined to hold this wedding. This incident became the focus of the media. However, only Hau (Yat's mom) knew the reason behind it all. Turns out Jackie already had Yat's baby; that was why Yat was forced to quickly marry Jackie. However, since Chi only just divorced Jackie, and Yat then immediately holds such a grand wedding, Chi was convinced that they were trying to humiliate him, so Chi developed an intense hatred for Yat.

After Jackie married into the Tong family, her greedy mother was the first one to be unhappy, because the Tong's wealth did not compare to that of Chi's family. Hence, she often criticized the Tong family. Furthermore, Jackie also didn't agree with a lot of Hau's conversative and traditional ways, so there was a lot of friction between the mother and daughter-in-law.

After Yat had settled with a family, mother-in-law, Mei, always looked down on him, creating a lot of pressure for Yat, making him very driven for results. He wanted to have some achievements to show Jackie. Yat's shark fin restaurant business was originally doing fairly well, but he was so determined to develop the business further that he lost his conscience. He sold several stores to expand the business, splitting the Tong family into two sides: those that agreed with this and those that didn't. All of this created many internal conflicts within the family. Afterwards, Yat wanted to start an abalone shark fin buffet business, and suggested to split the family wealth, so that each member can develop their own businesses. Li strongly opposed the idea. Afterwards, Gaai feigned sickness, so everyone temporarily forgot about the splitting of the family's inherited wealth. Right then, Yat's business was getting bigger and bigger, which created a perfect chance for Chi to take revenge. Chi used many cheap tricks to cause Yat's business to fail miserably, so that nobody would be willing to work with Yat. As a result, Yat lost 200 million dollars. The entire Tong family pointed their fingers at Jackie, and believed that Jackie was the one that dragged the Tong family down. Yat lost faith in everything and stayed away from the business altogether. Right then, Li proposed to let On (maybe Moses?) assume the chairman position of the Tong's Seafood Store, creating friction between the two brothers, which further fueled the fight for the inherited family wealth later on. Yat sided with Kam in this.

aodinia's comments:
This is more interesting that I had first anticapated! Two great BoTa storylines, and if Raymond is really Tavia's husband....this should be interesting! Another child for BoTa again? But from this "preview" I'm more excited about this series that I originally thought!!


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