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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I'm back..........ish....

Sorry for my absence everyone. I was only away for like a week or so because I had this massive essay to write and the realisation that I didnt answer one of the questions in my psych report. Then there was work and so much more but I wont bore you with the long details. I have been online, just mainly browsing on everyone else's blogs and to catch up with any news in HK recently. I never knew that keeping up a blog would be such hardwork! So I admire to everyone else who is able to keep a blog and update it periodically. I'll try to update once a week but it may prove to be difficult with the future essays I have due soon! I will stop updating Tavia news cos to be frank most people already know about it and those translated are by other peoples blogs where people can reach them. I'll update certain Tavia news where I want to put in my input but I'll coming from a new approach with interesting articles that I may come up with, probably not as humorous as Metals, but I'll try my best! Thanks to everyone who has been sticking around and I'll post up some interesting articles today since I'm free! Yay!!!


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