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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Costume Fitting for The Academy II

Credits to Jayne for translations!

TVB held its costume fitting for the "The Academy 2." The title for the sequel will be 《學警出更》(loose translation: "Police Cadets on the Beat").

The cast includes Michael Tao, Sonija Kwok, Ron Ng Cheuk Hei, Sammul Chan King Fung, Joey Yung Cho Yi, Deep Ng, Kenny Kwan, Yan Ng Yat Yin, Kate Tsui, Winnie Shum, Charles Szeto, Ellesmere Choi, Tang Chi Fung, Power Chan, Chan Hoi Yee, Lee Ka Sing, Florence Kwok, Chin Ka Lok, Selena Li, Gordan Liu, Wai Ying Hung, Lai Suen, Lo Koon Lan.

Ron, Sammul, and Deep will be playing their old characters again. Tavia Yeung Yi and Fiona Sit will guest star only in the first few episodes, playing their old characters as well. Tavia's character will leave for Japan to pursue her education, as a result leading to a new love relationship between Ron and Joey.

As for Fiona's character, she will suffer a traffic accident and die as a result. Sammul will have a crush on Sonija's character.

It has been 3 years since Joey Yung has filmed for TVB. Since Joey will be collaborating with rumor magnets Ron & Kate, how does she feel? Joey laughed, "I have always been rumor free. When I have time on the set, I will relax or sleep."

Also due to the filming requirements for "The Academy 2," Joey had to reschedule 3 months of work into one month. "I'm about to die!" Since she will be releasing her Mandarin album in July, she will have to fly to Taiwan for some promotional events. When Joey saw Sonija at the event yesterday, they were very chatty with each other, as both had performed at the 2000 Miss HK pageant.

Ron Ng will be once again be working with Kate Tsui, is he worried about more rumors? "It is TVB's decision to partner us again! I am not worried about rumors! Since we have worked together before, we will have more compatibility. The most important thing is to do my best." Since Ron did not cut his hair for the role yet, he did not dare appear in a police uniform.

Sonija Kwok and Michael Tao will be appearing as husband and wife and both will be police officers. Since Sonija's police officer rank is higher than Michael's, they will often have arguments. But the two will reunite despite marital differences.

Wearing a police uniform, Sonija said excitedly, "My childhood dream was to become a policewoman. I also thought of applying to become an officer, but in the end did not submit my form. I will be observing some police officers to understand more of their habits." (Will Sonija's character involve a lot of action scenes?) "My position will be seen more frequently in the office, so there will not be a lot of action scenes."

To suit his policeman image, Michael Tao especially went to the sun tanning salons to darken his skin. He loved his tanned results and vowed that he will never be a paled skinned man anymore!

Michael admitted that he tanned his whole body in the nude, but reporters pointed out, wouldn't the ultra-violet rays weaken his sensitive regions? Michael laughed, "I am not weak; I am very strong!" Michael feels thrilled and honored to be able to collaborate with Sonija on the new series.

Sammul Chan was originally filming overseas for series "Chor Lau Heung," but flew back to HK especially for the costume fitting. Sammul will have to rush back overseas to complete his filming afterwards.

Deep Ng's arm had a scar yesterday. He explained that he had suffered an injury while filming for a movie recently. Deep's character will only be in the series for 5-6 episodes. The script speaks of Deep's character leaving prison and accepting a job as a fitness trainer. He will then go to China to start his own business.

Since Deep was charged with drug possession last time while filming "The Academy," he said, "Last time, I underwent a difficult experience. But it was still happy collaborating with all the actors. I think I will be able to immerse into my character quickly this time too." (Will Deep's character return to the good side this time?) "Yes, as it was last time."

Ng Yat Yin will be playing a character who loves small animals.

aodinia's comments:
I have not yet seen "The Academy" so I have not bared any pain for the removable of the lead female cast. Disappointed that Tavia can't be in that series but her other project looks promising!


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