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Friday, July 14, 2006

Filming at the Phillipines becomes so hot that Bosco Wong and Tavia Yeung have to dip in water to cool off

Credit translations to Em for article!

Bosco Wong and Tavia Yeung were filming earlier in the Philippines for new series "Casino Crisis" in a scene where a group of girls in a beauty pageant had to parade beside the pool and although Bosco wasn't required to get into the water, behind the camera he was still playing around with Tavia in the water. "The weather was too hot there, I believe it was around 40 degrees, so as soon as I saw the water, I was very happy and after the shoot was completed, I didn't think about it and jumped into the water to cool off. Everyone thought I was a bit mad, but with the heat, you can suffer if you don't cool down. On one day when we did the blessing ceremony, I was so hot that I had to go and cool off."

Bosco has another experience of being overheated: "I had hired a coupe sports car and I thought it would be easy to drive, but it is not the case because there is no air conditioning and with the hot weather and no wind, the car was difficult to handly and it was very hard work because I was so hot." He still had a good time filming because he was working opposite comedy masters Michael Miu and Bobby Au Yeung and there were many antics: "Michael and Bobby had to film an explosion sceen that told of them both getting black from the smoke, but people didn't know and thought they had tanned so much. I laughed too when I saw their looks."



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