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Friday, July 14, 2006

Top Five

A NEW Aodinia feature where I list my top five of...whatever! This can be anything from fav ancient series, fav evil mistress to the most delicious show! I venture to stand away from the normal awards and create my own.

I really dont have a picture to really spaz it up compared to my Twins feature but I thought I'd stick this five as once you google "top five" under google images, it comes as the second picture!

Top Five Feature Articles:

Filming at the Phillipines becomes so hot that Bosco Wong and Tavia Yeung have to dip in water to cool off

Credit translations to Em for article!

Bosco Wong and Tavia Yeung were filming earlier in the Philippines for new series "Casino Crisis" in a scene where a group of girls in a beauty pageant had to parade beside the pool and although Bosco wasn't required to get into the water, behind the camera he was still playing around with Tavia in the water. "The weather was too hot there, I believe it was around 40 degrees, so as soon as I saw the water, I was very happy and after the shoot was completed, I didn't think about it and jumped into the water to cool off. Everyone thought I was a bit mad, but with the heat, you can suffer if you don't cool down. On one day when we did the blessing ceremony, I was so hot that I had to go and cool off."

Bosco has another experience of being overheated: "I had hired a coupe sports car and I thought it would be easy to drive, but it is not the case because there is no air conditioning and with the hot weather and no wind, the car was difficult to handly and it was very hard work because I was so hot." He still had a good time filming because he was working opposite comedy masters Michael Miu and Bobby Au Yeung and there were many antics: "Michael and Bobby had to film an explosion sceen that told of them both getting black from the smoke, but people didn't know and thought they had tanned so much. I laughed too when I saw their looks."


Tavia's future release series!

Credits to BES for the scans!

Very much looking forward to "Land of Wealth" - 匯通天下 the most. It just looks more appealing and it seems for sure that Tavia and Steven are together. Much looking forward to their chemistry in it. Here's a few pics of them!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

TVB Weekly Magazine

Scans credits to

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

For FULL translations of article, visit Jayne's new dedicated Dou Cheung Fung Wan website fulled with everything you need to know about this upcoming series!!

Moses, Raymond, Linda, Tavia, Bosco in New 40 Episode Series

Credits to Jayne for translations!

In producer Lau Ka Ho's new series, Moses Chan Ho will be acting as Ha Yu's illegitimate son and will help manage Ha's abalone business. However, Moses' image appeared to be very old-fashioned, as he wore black kung fu shoes. Moses explained that he wanted to convey a more traditional look.

Other cast members include Yoyo Mung Ka Wai, Raymond Lam Fung, Linda Chung Ka Yan, Bosco Wong Chung Chak, Tavia Yeung Yi, Lai Lok Yi, Fala Chen, Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung, Lee Si Kei, Michelle Mai Shuet and last year's Miss Hong Kong 2nd runner-up, Carrie Lam Lei.

Linda will be acting as a lawyer and will be in a love triangle with Moses and Raymond Lam. Reporters noted that Raymond is a rumors magnet, but Linda is not afraid, as there are rumors each time she acts in a series. Besides, Linda is able to remove herself from her character once she finished filming a series, thus not allowing herself to fall in love with her co-stars.

Bosco and Tavia have just finished filming "Dou Cheung Fung Wan" and will be appearing as lovers again in the new series. Is Bosco afraid that there is no fresh feeling since he just worked with Tavia? Bosco said no, as they know each other quite well, which will only be an advantage in filming their romantic scenes.

Aside from Linda, Carrie is another tall actress in the series. Although standing at 5 ft 11 inches, Bosco is afraid that the girls will appear taller than him. Bosco joked and said that he will make sure to tell Carrie not to stand next to him, or perhaps he will buy a pair of high heels to wear.

In the series, Lai Lok Yi's mother will be a mistress. As there are many pretty actresses in this series, is Lai afraid that there will be rumors? He laughed, "Maybe you should ask the actresses if they are anxious, since I am considered handsome too." Lai also said that he has worked with all the actresses in the past before, so if there were rumors, they would have happened long before.

Additional Updates:

Tavia Yeung Yi will be playing a model in the series. She sported a refreshing Cleopatra hairstyle with bangs at the costume fitting yesterday. Tavia mentioned that she might wear a fake bust to enhance her curves this time as well, since she will be playing a model.

Yoyo Mung Ka Wai mentioned that in the series, she will be pairing with Raymond Lam Fung as a couple. Yoyo mentioned that she will be playing the villian this time and will be stealing someone's boyfriend.

Veternan actress, Lee Si Kei, will also be returning to TVB to film for this series. Since her leave, she was confused by the vast number of "new" actresses in the series. Si Kei pointed to Yoyo Mung Ka Wai and said, "I know she must be quite famous, as I recognize her face, but I don't know her name."

Cast of 賭場風雲 (Casino Crisis) filming at 5 star hotel.

Credits to Em for translation.

TVB's new series "Casino Crisis" headed out to Dongguan's five star Grand Oriental Hotel to continue filming on the 27th. The trip will last eight days and the food and accommodation expenses for the whole crew as well as locations on site have all been sponsored by the hotel.

Cast members from the series include Michael Miu, Bobby Au Yeung, Jessica Hsuan, Tavia Yeung and Bosco Wong. The story tells of a man from a rich background, but in the frivolity of his youth, he becomes bankrupt, so over the decades, he experiences many ups and downs before he realises his ways. Michael plays a hotel executive, who has a complicated love affair with Jessica. Michael says that when he has time off, he likes to go to Dongguan to play golf.

From the introduction given by the hotel's Managing Director, the speciality of the hotel is modern luxury, with small, medium and large function rooms and buffet restaurants that reflect the best of Eastern and Western cuisines. Together with an array of facilities, the hotel is decorated to a high standard and fully reflects the portrayal in the series of how the rich and successful live.


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Twins: Raymond Lam and Hawick Lau

On this edition we have:

Raymond Lam - 林峰


Hawick Lau - 劉愷威

Now first off, why did I put these quite different people together? Well My Family was played here and I re-watched some of the episodes as my grandma has not seen them. First thing - I did NOT know that Hawick could sing! When he did, I was completely blown away. Not only was he good, he had this nice low husky voice similar to none other than Raymond Lam! Below are links to their songs so you can see for yourself how similar singing voices they are. I originally wanted to put Raymond's Yummy Yummy theme song but he was only on a small proportion of it (I think this is the song where his voice sounds best despite him not leading the song!) so I decided to put in 忘記傷害,though his voice isn't as low its still just as good; and the file is small!

林峰 - 忘記傷害

劉愷威 - 頭等

Secondly they both have great tans...or they did considering Raymond has gone quite lighter now but look at Raymond in La Femme Desperado and Hawick in My Family. Nice looking tan if you ask me!

La Femme Desperado - 女人唔易做

My Family - 甜孫爺爺
(sorry best pic I could find!)

Now recently (in New Zealand) he appeared on VOH II and wearing glasses and I realised it was quite familiar to the glasses Ray wore on Survivor's Law. Both look very good in glasses especially the black rimmed ones!

Survivor's Law - 律政新人王

Virtues of Harmony II - 皆大歡喜 II

Also both actors are very versatile and very talented. Disappointed that Hawick left tvb, I would of liked it if he and Raymond starred in a series together. If you find more similarities between these two let me know so I could extend this. There's more similarities between the two, though the cold and my brain can't think any right now. The reasons listed above are just those out of the top of my head. Hope you guys enjoyed reading this article and look for more
"Twin" features coming soon.

Picture Credits:
TVB Square
Virtues of Harmony Network

Twins Feature

Hold on, this is not about the group twins nor is it about actor twins. What
am I on about? Continue reading!

An Aodinia's exclusive where I bring the interesting "twins" that are featured in the HK television industry today! Now, when I mean "twins', that can range from people looking a like, acting a like, series similarities - basically anything related to TVB mostly and similarities about one thing to another! Basically its my perspective on the "twin" things in HK entertainement! Not quite getting it? Visit my twin featured articles to know what I'm getting at!

Current Twin Articles:

Michael Miu's birthday, everyone celebrating with dinner

Credits to Em for translation! Again nothing about Tavia but since she's in the photos I thought I'd put post it up!

Whilst filming on location in the Philippines earlier for the new series "Casino Crisis", Michael Miu and his 'adopted son' Bosco Wong had a great time and Michael also celebrated his birthday there. Bosco had made preparations in advance and had bought him a sports top as a gift. On Michael's birthday on 13th June, he received Bosco's gift and when he tried it on, Bosco kept showering him with praises about how good he looked in it and making Michael very happy indeed as he wore the jacket to have photos taken, despite the fierce heat.

The producer Cheung Kin Man also gave Michael a great birthday gift, allowing him time off from filming to watch the World Cup match on that day and giving the cast and crew the night off to celebrate with him. Apart from this, the owner of the holiday camp where they were all staying also held a 'crab banquet' for them all as they enjoyed some delicious food. Michael laughs that it is good to make everyone happy on his birthday.


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