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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tavia Clip of the Week!

I am sooooo sorry! I was so preoccupied with my CSL tests for uni cos I arrived home late and the double episode of Grey's I just couldnt miss and time just flew by and lets not say I forgot. But its still Monday in America isnt it?
Anyways with the release of Jewel in the Palace - "大長今" releasing in New Zealand (fortunately in mandarin) I thought it would be the right moment to show Tavia Yeung, Nancy Wu and Joel Chan meeting the leading actress, (correct me if I'm wrong, I haven't seen the series) and Tavia's flip flops!

Credits to jovy for clip!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Bosco Wong Runs Away at His 'Wedding' With Tavia Yeung

Credits to xbunnylicious at

Yesterday Bosco Wong, Jessica Hsuan, Tavia Yeung, Michael Miu, and others were filming a wedding scene at a church for 'Casino Crisis'. But while walking down the aisle, the groom, Bosco, suddenly leaves the bride Tavia and runs away, leaving Tavia teary-eyed. Bosco poked fun at Tavia for using a chest pad in the series, but during the wedding scene, she can finally be loose and open. With a breathe of relief, Tavia said, "When I was filming earlier, I had to be a 36D. After two months, my neck started to hurt. Now it is a relief, but I'm not a bit not used to it. When we were filming an outdoor scene earlier, some people actually thought my stature is actually that good!'

More photos credits to for the pics and credits My Melody for notifying about them! Click on picture for full size:

Below's translation credit to Sidney!

Yesterday, Bobby Au Yeung, Jessica Hsuan, Michael Miu, Bosco Wong, Tavia Yeung, and the rest of the cast were filming a wedding scene for TVB’s new series, “Dou Cheung Fung Wan” (賭場風雲). The scene talks about Bosco and Tavia having their wedding ceremony amongst their family and friends, but Bosco suddenly walked away from Tavia and his wedding! Tearfully, Tavia tried tugging Bosco back; keeping him from leaving. But Bosco just threw Tavia off and making her fall to the ground.

This was Bosco’s second wedding scene he filmed recently of him jilting his wife-to-be at the altar; earning the nickname “runaway groom!” “When I was filming for Under the Canopy of Love (天幕下的戀人), I also left my bride [Niki Chow] on our wedding day. But this time, I found out Michael [Miu] gave money to Tavia to marry me! Prior to the wedding, Tavia even had her chest size reduced in order to please me.”

Having the chest pads off for the day’s filming, Tavia instantly felt relief in her back and waist. But since wearing the pads for over 2 months, Tavia felt rather uncomfortable without it! “I was wearing a 36D for the past couple of months filming. Of course I’m relieved without it! But it feels like something’s missing. Jessica was laughing at me and said I got used having it [upper torso] so big! No…If I had a choice I wouldn’t have want that big. Maybe a B or C size is efficient enough for me. As for going to the Philippines to film next month, I’ll still need to bring the chest pads with me.”

Next month the cast would be flying off to the Philippines to film for some outdoor location scenes. Only limited to bring 15 kg of luggage on the plane, Jessica said she’s most definitely going to bring some skin care products and some sort of entertainment. Will you bring Mahjong as one of your entertainment? “No…I’m just bringing some DVDs to watch.” Currently stressed over the the living arrangements when in the Philippines, as the rented house needs 3 people to a room, but there just so happens to be 4 guys (Bobby, Michael, Bosco, & Hui Siu Hung) and 2 girls (Jessica and Tavia)! Jessica laughingly said, “Me and Tavia sharing a room is a definite. But I’m thinking which of the guys should we share a room with? I think Hui Siu Hung. It’ll be like having another servant to use! Tell him to cook and clean for us!" Earlier, there were rumors of Jessica calling Michael old and not being famous. To this, Jessica denied it and said, “No…I would never say that! That day we [Michael and I] were filming in Tung Lor Waan and a reporter came up to ask for a picture of us. He didn’t even interview us at the end, but left and made up this whole story!”

Friday, May 26, 2006

Fanmade Tavia art!

Please credit whereas stated if your using them! Anyway these look absolutley gorgeous. I'm tempted to make some too but just so preoccupied! Anyways thanks to the stated creators!

Credits to My Melody:

Credits to peacex:

Tavia possibly in a TVB Grand Production???

Credits to sehseh for this news.

In celebration of HK 10th anniversary return to China, TVB will film two grand production series - A Tale Of Two Cities & The Changing Times later this year. The 60 episode [The Changing Times] will be produced by Poon Ka Tak (Le Femme Desperado) and revolves around the changes in HK after returning to China. TVB has invited Mainland TV station CCTV to co-produce it. Because of sentimental value and the opportunity to break into Mainland market, a lot of artiste have expressed interest in this series. Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung and Bobo Chan are rumored to be casted. However, so far no cast list has been confirmed yet.

On the other hand, Chik Kei Yi (WAB, DOP) has confirmed to produce [A Tale Of Two Cities] with 80 episodes. It seems that TVB will be concentrating on this two production starting from mid 2006.

aodinia's comments:
Finally! A possibility that FungYi will be in another series together and this time lets hope they end up together! So the series is ahead but Tavia neither Raymond are confirmed. Tavia has a chance of filming this series after her production of Casino Crisis is finished filming which seems not far away. Also that Raymond is filming a mainland series I believe and will be finished in the end of July. I've also heard one of the GP series is starting to film in September so maybe the other will film around the same time. Nevertheless, I'll be excited if Tavia is in this!

Tavia Yeung Doesn't Have the Courage to Join Beauty Pageants

Credits to xbunnylicious from

Yesterday Tavia Yeung, Bosco Wong, Bobby Yeung, Jessica Hsuan, and Michael Miu were filming for TVB's new series 'Casino Crisis'. The plot talks about Tavia always being carelessly exposed when she joins the beauty pageant and didn't get chosen. Afterwards, Tavia and Jessica both said that they have never thought of joining a beauty pageant. Tavia said, "I don't have the courage to wear a swimming suit. If my legs were two inches longer, my chest two cup sizes bigger, and we don't have to wear swimming suits, then I'll join! But that opportunity will be in my next life!'

Michael has actually been invited to be a judge for a beauty pageant but he said, " I didn't do it. I don't want to carelessly give out the wrong grades and ruin the whole thing!"

aodinia's comments:
Sorry for the absenceness I only have a week and exams!! So trying to get everything I can before the news starts piling up! Tavia is so modest. She could so been a contestant for Miss HK (and Jessica Hsuan too!) and would do so well too!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Tavia clip of the week!

With news about Tavia and Bosco filming their new series, I thought I would share a clip of Tavia and Bosco prior to their fame and success!
Credits to neverland8 for supplying clip!

This clip is quite old! Bosco hosting for TVB and not even started acting yet and Tavia just started on one of her first big roles in The Awakening Story! Looks like Tavia and Bosco were good friends!

Tavia Yeung Turns Down Jessica Hsuan's Good Intentions

Translated by Jayne

Jessica Hsuan, Tavia Yeung Yi, Bosco Wong Chung Chak, Bobby Au Yeung, Florence Kwok and other cast members were filming a funeral scene at the cemetry for "Dou Cheung Fung Wan." It was an extremely hot day and since all the cast members were wearing black colored clothing, this resulted in even more discomfort for them.

Jessica was putting on sunscreen to avoid getting over tanned. Also she was spraying mosquito repellant since they were filming outdoors. Jessica noticed that Tavia was baking in the sun too so gave her some sunscreen to apply on her skin.

But after Tavia applied the lotion to her skin, she cried out. She didn't realize that Jessica had given her sunscreen lotion and had originally thought that it was insect repellant lotion instead. Tavia acts as a Philippine Chinese in the series, so she wanted to keep her tanned color. Jessica said afterwards that she created the misunderstanding and didn't realize Tavia didn't want to apply the sunscreen on her skin.

Bobby and Bosco were sweating in their dark suits yesterday and kept wiping the sweat off their faces. When reporters asked Bobby if he would apply the sunscreen and insect repellant like the ladies, he said, "Men rarely use these lotions. I just feel very hot. If I didn't have to wear a suit today, then it wouldn't have been as bad."

Sorry for late update on Tavia news. Been so preoccupied with so many assignments due this week. Thanks to Jayne for translating! Funny how Tavia turned down sunscreen where normally you would see asians be the first to put on sunscreen hehe. Florence Kwok is also in this series. Looks like she's making a comeback with an apperance on Women on the Run and also working in Forensic Heroes.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Tavia Clip of the Week!

I thought I would have some plans on what to do each week. There's not a lot about Tavia's new series and the Tavia forum is blocking me again lol! But I thought I would stick this up!!

This week, after browsing the FungYi thread, kawaii520 supplied this clip and credits to jovy for producing it!

Not only is her favourite character Kiko having being paired up with Raymond but the "kiss" with Benny in Whatever it Takes!! Simply wow! It looks steaming in there! Does anyone know which episode that was in??

Sunday, May 14, 2006

An update yay!

Been so preoccupied with uni lately with an assignment due tomorrow so haven't been able to update! But I've been updating at least once a week hehehe

Not much Tavia news so I thought I'd stick some gorgeous avatars and banners made by My Melody!



Arn't they stunning? Awesome work by My Melody. If you want to use these banners or avatars PLEASE CREDIT MY MELODY for these works.

Monday, May 08, 2006

A Guy that sounds like Sammi Cheng

I dont know if you guys have seen this before, most likely you guys have but I've been browsing through the youtube site to see anything interesting and I came across this clip:
Credits to mleong02

You may wanna pause the clip and wait till it loads before viewing it cos it takes quite awhile!

And does that guy sound like Sammi or what? Sammi has more of a distinctive tone in her voice though but that guy sure sounds like her, probably more than a girl can try!

Tavia Yeung at premiere of Mission Impossible: III

Picture credits to

Tavia Yeung present at I believe the premiere of Mission Impossible III along with 2R, Rain Li, Angela Tong, Michael Hui (Sam Hui's brother) along with others. You can view the article in chinese here.

aodinia's comments:
Well Tavia looks really pretty although I dont really like the frizz look. I prefer her wavy hair better! BTW MI III was really good (although I like pretty much anything!) that I wasn't gutted I missed my classes watching it. Its nicely plotted and did not bore me at all. Maggie Q's cantonese was horrible by the way...even I'm better at it. I'm assuming that she was raised overseas and probably didnt learn cantonese till she entered the entertainment business so dont shoot me!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Latest Tavia Fanfics update

A Taste of Fate II - Sassy Phoenix Stubborn Dragon - winnie_blueangel
Latest Update - Chapter 15

Costume Fitting of 賭場風雲 on Scoop

Credits to MyMelody for supplying the clip!

Hope you guys enjoy it and be on a lookout for this latest Tavia series when it comes out!

Here's a FULL translation about Tavia in "賭場風雲"

Credits to baby8love for translation. Love you so much for it!!!

"Name: Tam Chu Mei

Age: 23

Occupation: Casino waitress / Casino game supervisor (sort of, not really sure how to define this)

Ambitious, puts much emphasis on friendship and loyalty but doesn't realize it herself. Beautiful but lacks brains. Her mind is full of impractical thoughts. Always trying to find a way to become famous. Cares about her family but is angry at her father for not being ambitious enough. Believes her body can help change her fortunes.

Born to a Chinese family living in the Philipines, because her parents have lived there for so long, they have already picked up on the local sentiment of, "not out for wealth, just out to put food on the table." Constantly comparing her family to other wealthier Chinese-Filipinos, she finds herself growing angrier and angrier at her father, who she sees as too unambitious and always looking to have fun. Mei is determined to become famous. She is unwilling to accept that her family of seven must cram into a small house. She wants to marry a rich man and give her family a more comfortable life.

Though Mei's job as a waitress at the casino is small, this hasn't deterred her from her dreams. She grabs at every opportunity given to her, working hard to reach her goals. When the casino holds a Baccarat Beauty Pageant, Mei races to join, thinking this is her biggest chance at fame. However, she is lacking something -- breasts. Mei knows that in a beauty pageant, the best way to get the judge's attention is with a curvaceous body, so she stuffs her bikini top with breast pads. During the pageant, however, a clumsy Fu (I'm guessing this is Bosco) bumps into her and the pads fly out of her top, causing her much on-stage humiliation.

Having been hit hard with the loss, Mei quits her job as a waitress, gets breast implants, and becomes a "supervisor" of one of the casino tables, hoping that a rich guest might take notice of her. During her training session, she once again meets Fu, but instead of being angry with him, she actually admires him for his natural talent with gambling. However, her admiration only goes as far as friendship because her goal is still to find a rich man. What's ironic is that Chor (Michael Miu) actually requests that Mei use her feminine wiles to get Fu to listen to her. To protect her job, Mei has no choice but to listen to Chor and to pretend to like Fu. Having had feelings for Mei from the very beginning, Fu immediately falls for Mei's act and the two embark on a relationship.

At this time, the casino's owner's son, Yung Chi Wei suddenly expresses his interest in Mei. Having suddenly been given the chance to have her dream come true, Mei begins seeing Wei behind Fu's back. Wei and Chor happen to be fighting over the casino during this time and poor Mei is caught in the middle. Afterwards, she finds out that Wei never actually liked her and not only is her heart broken, but so are her dreams.

Having spent time with Fu, Mei realizes what a nice person he is and is touched by how much he has done for her. What was originally an act for money becomes true love as Mei finally falls for Fu. Mei tries to escape from under Chor's control but it's too late to do anything now. While she puts on a happy front, Mei is actually very afraid that one day, Fu will find out she first got together with him because Chor paid her to.

However, the truth eventually comes out and Fu breaks things off with Mei, who is devastated. She locks herself inside her home. Luckily, with the support of her parents, who sing to her everyday, Mei regains her strength. Mei recognizes that her goal is no longer to find long-lasting wealth, but to find and hold onto the one man she truly loves and to create a happy, loving home with him. Mei gets up the courage to go after Fu, who treats her coldly, once again breaking Mei's heart. At this time, she finds out she is pregnant with Fu's child. Not knowing what to do, she locks herself inside her home again. Fu realizes he really loves her and goes back to her. Mei's dreams finally come true.

* Damn...that was long. Haha...but worth it cuz yay! Looks like it's gonna be a happy ending! FINALLY."

aodinia's comments:
This is DEFINITELY catching my eye. Reading more about this makes me even more excited. Gosh have to find pictures of this series to post asap! Thanks again for baby8love for posting this! Couldn't help but share, if you want me to take it off just email me :)

Some interesting news about Tavia Yeung's character in "賭場風雲"

Credits to Asalie for this awesome bit piece of news! You can view the article about it here!
These are SPOILERS so I do warn others before reading!!!
Apparently Tavia Yeung's character is pregnant with Bosco Wong's child later on in the series! This is VERY interesting considering Bosco's antisocial character.

Also apparently Tavia's character joins a beauty contest but is flat chested so she puts padding on it to make her chest more fuller. Through the duration of the pageant Bosco's character unexpectedly makes Tavia's padding fall out on stage and embarasses her and losses her chance of winning.

This makes me even MORE excited about the series. This series is a definte look out for me next year! Will supply more information when I get more!!

Also according to that same site, Tavia's characters name is 譚珠美 (Tam Jue Mei)

FungYi Fanfics!

Here's a list of updated fanfics which are an awesome read!

The Charade of Deception - yyh_1982, hollipop, Winnie_blueangel
Latest Update - Chapter 9

A Taste of Fate II - Sassy Phoenix Stubborn Dragon - winnie_blueangel
Latest Update - Chapter 14
Read the original of A Taste of Fate which has been completed.

If you have any Tavia fanfics that you would like to inform others about new updates feel free to email me or post in the tagboard and I'll post it asap!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Bosco Wong Saves Tavia Yeung from Drowning

Credits to Jayne
Source: The Sun

Tavia Yeung Yi's character has a 37D figure in "Dou Cheung Fung Wan." Tavia was filming a water scene with Bosco Wong Chung Chak yesterday. In the scene, Tavia wanted to catch the attention of the wealthy Lee Tin Cheung, so she entered a swimming competition. However, Tavia suddenly had leg cramps while in the water, so Bosco's character rescued her.

Tavia had to wear a swimsuit and enter the water with the extra weights on her chest. Tavia is not very good in swimming and she was afraid that the extra weights would send her straight underwater.

Tavia explained. "When I was seven years old, we went to the water park to play. While I was on the water slide, another child from behind pushed me into the water. When I was young, my elder sister always forced me to learn how to swim. So I have always been wary of the water." Since the weather was quite cold yesterday, Tavia was shivering after being in the water.

Although Bosco is a good swimmer, he has been physically tired lately due to the constant day and night filming. So he was afraid that he couldn't handle the [rescue] scene. Although Bosco had been filming opposite the sexy Tavia lately, he said he has grown accustomed to her new image.

Bosco also said that he prefers "modestly built" women. "Tavia is very tomboyish so her new figure is not suitable for her. I also personally dislike big chests; medium size is fine!" (Does Bosco feel fortunate that he is filming opposite the 'well-built' Tavia?) "No. They are also not real!"

Standing nearby, Tavia ignored Bosco's comment and said, "I feel proud of my figure!"

Additional Pictures (Click to view full size):
Credits to Elyze at baidu

My attempt at translating!
Picture 1 caption:
Bosco Wong facing 37D Tavia Yeung, who doesnt care what others think about her new "features".

Picture 2 caption:
Bosco Wong with Tavia Yeung filming at Sai Gung "西貢". That day happen to have very low temperatures, making them both freezing cold.

aodinia's comments:
I know this news is OLD but I'm really excited about this series so I would like it to be my first "official" news. I like both Tavia and Bosco so I'm all keyed up for this series. Hope they can create the chemistry that they had in Find the Light! (英雄‧刀‧少年)

First post! How long will I last?

I suck at keeping up to date with blogs but I've noticed that there's hardly any blogs about Tavia news so I thought I'd try a hand in collecting any Tavia news I can find and post it up for everyone here to read! I must say the majority of the news will NOT be translated by me as my chinese is limited to only speaking only. So credit will fall due to the news item! The layout I'm still dealing with but not dealing with CSS in awhile can be a problem! Nevertheless enough of my ramblings and lets get started! BTW I wont be updating really often as I have uni and final exams coming up real soon BUT I will try to at least update once a week :)

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