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Sunday, October 01, 2006

On Hiatus!!! Sorry!!!

I wasn't originally going to be on hiatus till the middle of October due to exams but I've realised that there are a lot more assignments that I have bargained for! Last tests and labs are still yet to be done and I find it difficult to update this blog as well. So just before people get confused, I'm on hiatus till mid Novemberish and there is a whole bunch of things I want to get done! Don't fret, cos on my procrastination days at uni I will be starting to write articles for the blog as I've got a few things up my sleeve to add so please bear with me as there is so much I wanna get through!
A List of Things I Need To Do:
- The No. 1 spot for Supporting Actress
- The Winners of Miss NZ Chinese
- New exclusive: Series Analysis
- New exclusive: Empathy
- New Article: Obsession
- New Article: Extra

This is just a taste of what I have in store and there is still a bunch I really wanna get through before I start looking for a job! (Yes, me looking for a job!) Check around the links on my page as there are other awesome blogs to read through. If you want to know when I'll be back feel free to send me an email and I'll notify you, or if you see tagging on other's tagboard then I'll be back! After these exams I hope this site will be better than before and hopefully remain at a constant rate! Thanks for all the support everyone, I really appreciate it!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New Series: Land of Wealth

Land Of Wealth - 滙通天下 Released Monday 11th September in Hong Kong


Credits to MetalAZNWarrior for translation!

Silver, bank notes - the space between power, vanishing the old
The commercial war joins the stage. Exciting the soul, frightening the heart!

Chai Bak Chuen (Moses Chan Ho) is a descendent of a government official. His family was framed and sentenced to beheading, but luckily, he managed to survive and escape. He becomes the disciple of Kiu Boon Yip (John Chiang Dai Wai), the boss of Shanxi's first bank, Ding Fung Sing.

Chuen realizes that Ba Ba Ha Yi Ko Wai (Sonija Kwok Sin Nei) is a foreigner because she feels inferior, so doesn't dare to show her love. Meanwhile, the Kiu's second young mistress, Kiu Jun (Tavia Yeung Yi) and the military aircraft official, Cheung Sung Man (Steven Ma Chun Wai) love each other. However, the couple's relationship, because Man has to impartially investigate Ding Fung Sing, meets conflicts.

On one occasion, Ding Fung Sing suffers from big storekeeper Cho Yu Tai's (Lau Dan) frame, almost causing them to go out of business. The imperial court doesn't end harsh laws and furthermore, it asks Ding Fung Sing to keep inflating money. Before Yip's death, he hands Ding Fung Sing to Chuen, who time and time again helped him to overcome difficulties. The merchant fights with wealth, government officials fight still with power. How can Chuen lead Ding Fung Sing in facing the corrupt late Qing government?

Trailer: Credits to terrortot for uploading clip!


Credits to MC3 for the link! View more photos at this forum

Aodinia's comments:
This series look awesome...yet tragic. Plotwise it looks really good and the storyline seems very interesting. It has a stunner of a cast line up! Along with the four leads we have four veterens - John Chiang, Lau Dan, Chan Hung Lit and Chung King Fai! Tavia looks VERY pretty! All the costumes are pretty, so far it looks very promising. I can't wait till I get my hands on an episode. With its tragic love story and business relations will it be able to do as well as War and Beauty? We'll have to wait and see.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Miss Chinese New Zealand (or something along those lines)

I'm going to be quite busy tonight so unable to write a full analysis about the contestants, but I thought Id stick this in now before the final results are known as the pageant is held tonight. Hopefully it will be aired on TV so I can tell you the contestants performances. There will be TVB guests with Ander Jun, Leanne Li, Charmaine Sheh and Joe Ma. Excuse the quality of the pictures as they were scans. Another version will be followed up later with details about the contestants. Also take note that some of them DONT look exactly what they look like on the photo. I'll mention those ones beneath the pics. Oh and click to enlarge for a much clearer version!

Aodinia's comments:
On the ads, no. 3 looked a little like Tracey Yip.

Aodinia's comments:
No. 4 somehow resemble Sharon Chan, No. 5 looks similiar to Griselda Yeung and No. 6 looks like an exact replica of Pinky Cheung despite her just in her last year of high school.

Aodinia's comments:
No. 8 looks a little like Linda Chung but in the preshow she looked way prettier than she does on the pic.

Aodinia's comments:
No. 11 looks like Natalie Wong, though yet again on the preshow she dosent looke like what she does in the photo. No. 12 doesn't look AS old.

I've only seen the last couple of contestants on the preshow and they don't look as terrible as they do in the pics. (They should fire the photographers!) I'm waiting for the show to determine who really deserves to get the crown, but so far I dont think Aimee Chan has anything to worry about yet as this year's winner will take part in Miss Chinese International.


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's the DAY!!!!

Just a quick message to wish our Tavia a Happy Birthday who is turning 27 today, (boy do I hope I'm not wrong!) so I wish Tavia a very happy birthday, wish her the best of luck and good health and wealth and hope to see her in more series! Here's a Ron and Tavia clip from their earlier birthday celebration uploaded by CandieWong. Hope you guys enjoy!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I've decided to add this category as I found a new obsession! Basically these are obsessions (well not quite) about something. Can be tvb related or not, food, tv, non HK actress and actors, sports people, and the list can go on. Its usually one of those phases I'm going through where I'm completley weak for it. This will be a rare exclusive that I will post as usually an obsession can last a period of time but anywho hope you guys can be sane to keep up with my insane and possibly odd obsessions!

Current Obsession Articles:
Coming Soon!

Top Five: Supporting Actress

I was reading Asia's blog awhile ago and reading about Best Supporting Actor, and I was just thinking of listing my own top five supporting actors and actresses as they don't get as big recognition as the main actors and actresses and I'd do the opposite, females first then males cos I'm having difficulties with the males right now. Note this is my own top five supporting actresses not necessarily the best.

No. Five

Akina Hong - 康華
I remember the first series I recognised her was on "Armed Reaction IV" (or III if she was in it, but I dont quite remember that much) playing Ada Choi's stepmum. She was so warm and caring and very gentle. Next character I recognise her was playing Kenix's enemy in "Love Bond" playing a mischieve and sneaky character. After watching "The Trust of a Lifetime" she played an emotionally distress wife where her husband was missing. She is a very versatile actress and great actress. I've always liked her acting and I hope to see more and play another gentle character as this was the type of role I most remember her from. Didnt even know she particapated in Miss HK. Thus this proves pre-millenium's Miss HK's can act. Only a few in the past-milleniums can.

No. Four

Angela Tong - 湯盈盈
I remembered a lot of people not liking her in the early days because she always ended up playing the sexy seductress or something along those lines. Well thats partly true but she did play some "sane" characters which made me like her. I never did hated her, just somewhat annoyed but then I grew my liking as soon as she played characters that were good. I remember one out of the top of my head would be "Legend of Love" which starred Deric Wan and Sonija Kwok. The series wasn't great but still it showed that Angela could play other characters. Another would be "Wong Fei Hung - Master of Kung Fu" which also starred Bosco Wong, John Chiang. I dont know about everyone else but I loved this series mainly due to my low expectations. These were all prior to "Life Made Simple" so it just shows that she does capture many roles.

No. Three

Sherming Yiu - 姚樂
I've always liked Sherming as soon as I saw her in Virtues of Harmoney. She was very cute with Hawick Lau. I was always rooting for them. She is also a very underated actress. I remember seeing her as a very b*tchy role in Return of the Cuckoo as a repeat and it just showed how versatile she is. She also played recently (well from what I've seen) in "Forensic Heroes", despite her small role, she played it very well. There's also "To Love with No Regrets" playing another b*itchy role but turned good. She wasn't as evil as Annie Man. What makes her performance memorable is the fact that she seems to be quite a shy person in real life. I remember first seeing her in "Get Set Go" the Olympics show that tvb set up and a real shy person. Chin Ka Lok told her why did she put her coat back on and remove it so she'll fly higher but she shock her head in embarrasment. She also went on "Super Trio" I think 3 times? If you've seen her in it, shes quite shy and seems real friendly person to be around. I think this what makes her even a better actress. Playing characters out of her comfort zone. Hope to see more of her in the future and become appreciated by TVB.

No. Two

Halina Tam - 譚小環
Another versatile actress. I had trouble picking her and another actress for No. One but gave her second because she seems to be the most likely get the most recognition. I've always liked her for some reason. (Yes that same excuse) Perhaps it was her onscreen presence cos she played a lot of evil characters (similar in the lines with Angela) but I remember watching her in "The W Files" where she played a good character. It was quite hard for me to be straight about this. I always thought that there was something up her sleeve. I hear she has a lot of good roles and funny with Wayne Lai. I'm looking forward to those series since I haven't seen it yet and heard that she plays comedic in "The Gentle Crackdown" so looking forward to that. I was quite disappointed that TVB changed the "CIB" cast where it was originally Halina Tam and Joyce Tang that were going to be the female leads. They offer more onscreen presence then Christine Ng and Maggie Siu even though they are both great actresses. Though unlikely to get a lead role, I hope she will soon secure a significant 2nd role.

No. One

I've decided to make it more suspenseful! Can anyone guess who "my" No. One Fav Supporting Actress is? I know its hard but I'll offer a clue:
She had particapted in the Miss Hong Kong Beauty Pageant
Not really a clue? Well I don't want to make it easy! This way it will be more fun! I'll post the No. One spot some time before Sunday! Looking forward to your guesses!

Tavia Yeung Has Her Bust Measured in Public - Clarified Version

I'm sure most of you have read this article, regarding about Tavia's work with a new breast enhancement product. If not here's the article where most people have read:
Credits to dee-lush for translation

Tavia Yeung has been made the spokesperson for a breast enhancement and body sculpture program. At a function, Tavia had her bust size measured and will be using the products of the company for 100 days. After the 100 days, she will have her bust measure again to prove that the product works. Tavia expressed that she did not feel embarrassed to have her chest measured in public and that she hopes to receive a result of a 33C chest size after the program. The actress then disclosed that she is trying the program out so that she will be able to have a perfect figure. When asked if the program was successful, would she start wearing skimpy outfits more often. To this, Tavia commented that she will not purposely reveal her nice figure but she does not object to sex appeal.

Here's also another article about the same event but with more details to why for the sudden change:
Credits to bellablue for article and credits to RayTav for translation

Tavia Yeung has become spokesperson for the Be A Lady Beauty Centre for their breast enhancement and sculpture system and in order to prove the results of the product, she joined three models to have her bust measured to compare with the results in a hundred days time to prove that the product has worked.

Being measured in public, Tavia was not embarrassed as she measured up as a 31B and she smiled: "It's okay! There is nothing I cannot show. (What measurement would you like your bust to be?) I hope to be a 33C." Asked about her fee, she smiles that it is very good and this product needs to be worn for ten hours a day, but she has to film so is she worried that she will not have enough time to wear it? She says that she will make the most of the time that she has and she will also promote it to other friends who would like to enhance their breasts.

The organisers had arranged for the models to try the enhancement product and it looked quite large and bulky, but Tavia says that she has tried wearing it for five or six hours and she did not feel uncomfortable and she felt good because at least she does not have to take pills or have injuections and it will not reduce in time. Having previously said that she likes her flat chested figure, why is she now looking to enhance her breasts? She says frankly that when she was filming "casino Crisis" people laughed that her pads were very fake and whenever she removed her pads, people would laugh at her and be surprised at her real figure. This hurt her, so she thought seriously about improving her figure.

She insists that she is not looking to go down the sexy route, but a beautiful shape will make her look even better in some outfits and the only problem she can envisage is that she will have to buy herself a new set of clothes. Asked if she will be wearing skimpy tops more, she smiled: "There are more to come, so wait and see. As long as it is not overly revealing, then I will not object to being sexy." She believes that enhancing her breasts will increase her confidence, but as for whether this will attract more admirers, she smiles: "I am not afraid, this can be a good thing because it proves that I have appeal and attractiveness."

Here's the pic of the product that Tavia will be using and might I add those are NOT the real size of the model's bust. Its the product that they are endorsing. Please click on the pic to see the enlarged version and you can clearly see that its not actually her bust size.

Aodinia's comments:
The reason why I posted this, is because this was posted on the Af forum and many people had not bothered to read the later article and made many assumptions about the whole process even after numerous times members have stated that the woman's breasts are not the actual size. I felt like I couldn't stress it enough. Anyways she's not injecting herself with anything or eating any pills. It's more an outside thing more than and inside thing which is could so she couldnt not harm herself. I personally find Tavia's figure pretty nice in itself but if she feels that this will boost her confidence up then I'll support her. Just hope she doesnt turn into an over sexy symbol like *cough* but it seems she reassured everyone that she wont go over the top!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Well not really newspaper news but this is the place where I can stick anything else "extra" where I cant really classify my article and where its just a one off thing! I'm currently working on one now so hopefully I can post it sometime today! Hope you guys enjoy this "unique" feature as its not really a category hehe!

Currenty Extra articles:
Coming Soon!

I'm back..........ish....

Sorry for my absence everyone. I was only away for like a week or so because I had this massive essay to write and the realisation that I didnt answer one of the questions in my psych report. Then there was work and so much more but I wont bore you with the long details. I have been online, just mainly browsing on everyone else's blogs and to catch up with any news in HK recently. I never knew that keeping up a blog would be such hardwork! So I admire to everyone else who is able to keep a blog and update it periodically. I'll try to update once a week but it may prove to be difficult with the future essays I have due soon! I will stop updating Tavia news cos to be frank most people already know about it and those translated are by other peoples blogs where people can reach them. I'll update certain Tavia news where I want to put in my input but I'll coming from a new approach with interesting articles that I may come up with, probably not as humorous as Metals, but I'll try my best! Thanks to everyone who has been sticking around and I'll post up some interesting articles today since I'm free! Yay!!!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Something Big

Since I can't put a special feature, I thought I'd share something very interesting. Wanna see the likes of Louis Koo, Bowie Lam, Flora Chan, Sunny Chan, Deric Wan, Roger Kwok, Julian Cheung, Annie Man, Maggie Siu, Frankie Lam, Raymond Cho, Eddie Kwan, Kenny Wong and more in the same series? Well it lasted for 1 minute and something. Some of you guys may have seen it already but to those who haven't....

The "original" cast for Healing Hands III Promo Trailer:

NB: There maybe some errors in the cast as it was difficult to see the clip of that quality so hope I'm mostly right. Its very hard to see everyone.

"糖心風暴" - Sweet Heart Tempest, it's final name?

There has been numerous titles for the 40 episode series starring Tavia Yeung, Bosco Wong, Moses Chan, Linda Chung, Yoyo Mung, Raymond Lam, Carrie Lam, Fala Chen and Lee Si Kei.

Currently 糖心風暴 is the title but its also tentative so not a lot is known. Anyway after browsing the Asianfanatics forum I've found some interesting stuff about this series translated by Kozzi who's also the web mistress of Bosco's official english site!! Anyways this is from Tavia's site which is revamped with a new layout. There are MAJOR spoilers so read at your own risk!

Last Warning!!!

Tavia plays Cheuk Man lai (Jackie)
Bosco plays Tong Chi Yat

Tavia's Character:
Tough and stubborn personality, even slightly self-centred. Has a unreasonable bossy attitude. She'd do things simply because she felt like it. Not afraid to love or hate. Married into a wealthy family, but was treated poorly by husband. All her life, she just wanted to experience a fierce and intense relationship. After meeting Yat (Bosco Wong), she thought that she had finally met her ideal partner.

Background and Experience:
She was originally a famous model with plenty of potential. Just when her career was about to take off, she met a famous wealthy young man, Yeung Siu Chi (Raymond Lam?). Jackie's mother, Mei, wanted her to become rich, so she instructed Jackie to marry into the Yeung family, using any means possible. Naive Jackie got what she wanted, but her life with the Yeung family was not happy. Chi was always out playing around, and beat Jackie whenever he was upset.

By chance, Jackie met Yat (Bosco Wong), who had just returned to Hong Kong. Their meeting must've been the work of fate, because they quickly engaged in a passionate relationship. Chi soon discovered their relationship, and was enraged. As a result, he started beating Jackie even more. Yat used private investigators to obtain photographs of Chi cheating with other women to blackmail Chi. Chi finally agreed to divorce Jackie, and this became the latest gossip in town.

Yat announced to the Tong family his plans to marry Jackie. His family were all equally surprised, especially Boh, Kam, and them, who tried to create conflict within the family. Yat didn't care about public opposition, and was determined to hold this wedding. This incident became the focus of the media. However, only Hau (Yat's mom) knew the reason behind it all. Turns out Jackie already had Yat's baby; that was why Yat was forced to quickly marry Jackie. However, since Chi only just divorced Jackie, and Yat then immediately holds such a grand wedding, Chi was convinced that they were trying to humiliate him, so Chi developed an intense hatred for Yat.

After Jackie married into the Tong family, her greedy mother was the first one to be unhappy, because the Tong's wealth did not compare to that of Chi's family. Hence, she often criticized the Tong family. Furthermore, Jackie also didn't agree with a lot of Hau's conversative and traditional ways, so there was a lot of friction between the mother and daughter-in-law.

After Yat had settled with a family, mother-in-law, Mei, always looked down on him, creating a lot of pressure for Yat, making him very driven for results. He wanted to have some achievements to show Jackie. Yat's shark fin restaurant business was originally doing fairly well, but he was so determined to develop the business further that he lost his conscience. He sold several stores to expand the business, splitting the Tong family into two sides: those that agreed with this and those that didn't. All of this created many internal conflicts within the family. Afterwards, Yat wanted to start an abalone shark fin buffet business, and suggested to split the family wealth, so that each member can develop their own businesses. Li strongly opposed the idea. Afterwards, Gaai feigned sickness, so everyone temporarily forgot about the splitting of the family's inherited wealth. Right then, Yat's business was getting bigger and bigger, which created a perfect chance for Chi to take revenge. Chi used many cheap tricks to cause Yat's business to fail miserably, so that nobody would be willing to work with Yat. As a result, Yat lost 200 million dollars. The entire Tong family pointed their fingers at Jackie, and believed that Jackie was the one that dragged the Tong family down. Yat lost faith in everything and stayed away from the business altogether. Right then, Li proposed to let On (maybe Moses?) assume the chairman position of the Tong's Seafood Store, creating friction between the two brothers, which further fueled the fight for the inherited family wealth later on. Yat sided with Kam in this.

aodinia's comments:
This is more interesting that I had first anticapated! Two great BoTa storylines, and if Raymond is really Tavia's husband....this should be interesting! Another child for BoTa again? But from this "preview" I'm more excited about this series that I originally thought!!

Bosco teases Tavia during filming

Credits to Em for translation!

Bosco Wong and Tavia Yeung were filming on location in Central yesterday and for Bosco who had to wear a suit jacket in the heat of summer, he says it is nothing compared to when he was filming previously in 40 degree heat. He did buy everyone a drink to cool down though.

At around 10pm, Bosco and Tavia were filming for new series "Sweet-centred Storms" and although it was night time, temperatures were still in the 30's, but Bosco did not complain at all as he joked around with Tavia.

When they met the press, Tavia immediately asked: "Which paper are you from?", to which Bosco laughed: "Are you choosing your jobs now?" making Tavia laugh out loud. Afterwards Bosco explained: "I daren't laugh at her, she is very bossy! And she hits people, so I daren't anger her! No, she is really nice and I am just joking!"

Bosco also adds that although the temperatures were very hot that evening, making him wipe his sweat all the time, it is no big deal to him: "When we were filming in the Philippines, it was so hot that I didn't want to speak and had to jump into the water to cool down, so compared to this, it is not such hard work filming in Hong Kong as it is just around 34 degrees. You just have to drink a few more bottles of pop and it's not so hot and there is aircon in the car, so it is quite comfortable really."


aodinia's comments:
They look so cute together, it seems that they are still good buds since those early days of host Bosco hehe.

Tavia wears backless dress for beauty event

Credits to Em for translation!

Tavia Yeung wore a backless dress to a beauty event yesterday as an opening guest and she smiles that next time, she wants to be their spokesperson. "This time I am just a guest for the opening, but next time I hope to be a spokesperson because I feel a little fat on my thighs and would like to reduce my hips to 33 ins. I can't lose from the parts that need to be bigger!" Tavia laughs that she misses her fake breasts: "Since wearing the costume for 'casino Crisis', I have found myself to be very greedy and I can't go back, so I really miss being busty! I would like to have a bit more, but I will only use clothing to enhance my figure to make it look healthier and natural and I don't want to go for surgery."


aodinia's comments:
I personally think Tavia has a gorgeous figure and looks really nice in that dress. I do agree that she will only use clothing to enhance her look making it more healthier. Too big of a bust might not look good.

Costume Fitting for The Academy II

Credits to Jayne for translations!

TVB held its costume fitting for the "The Academy 2." The title for the sequel will be 《學警出更》(loose translation: "Police Cadets on the Beat").

The cast includes Michael Tao, Sonija Kwok, Ron Ng Cheuk Hei, Sammul Chan King Fung, Joey Yung Cho Yi, Deep Ng, Kenny Kwan, Yan Ng Yat Yin, Kate Tsui, Winnie Shum, Charles Szeto, Ellesmere Choi, Tang Chi Fung, Power Chan, Chan Hoi Yee, Lee Ka Sing, Florence Kwok, Chin Ka Lok, Selena Li, Gordan Liu, Wai Ying Hung, Lai Suen, Lo Koon Lan.

Ron, Sammul, and Deep will be playing their old characters again. Tavia Yeung Yi and Fiona Sit will guest star only in the first few episodes, playing their old characters as well. Tavia's character will leave for Japan to pursue her education, as a result leading to a new love relationship between Ron and Joey.

As for Fiona's character, she will suffer a traffic accident and die as a result. Sammul will have a crush on Sonija's character.

It has been 3 years since Joey Yung has filmed for TVB. Since Joey will be collaborating with rumor magnets Ron & Kate, how does she feel? Joey laughed, "I have always been rumor free. When I have time on the set, I will relax or sleep."

Also due to the filming requirements for "The Academy 2," Joey had to reschedule 3 months of work into one month. "I'm about to die!" Since she will be releasing her Mandarin album in July, she will have to fly to Taiwan for some promotional events. When Joey saw Sonija at the event yesterday, they were very chatty with each other, as both had performed at the 2000 Miss HK pageant.

Ron Ng will be once again be working with Kate Tsui, is he worried about more rumors? "It is TVB's decision to partner us again! I am not worried about rumors! Since we have worked together before, we will have more compatibility. The most important thing is to do my best." Since Ron did not cut his hair for the role yet, he did not dare appear in a police uniform.

Sonija Kwok and Michael Tao will be appearing as husband and wife and both will be police officers. Since Sonija's police officer rank is higher than Michael's, they will often have arguments. But the two will reunite despite marital differences.

Wearing a police uniform, Sonija said excitedly, "My childhood dream was to become a policewoman. I also thought of applying to become an officer, but in the end did not submit my form. I will be observing some police officers to understand more of their habits." (Will Sonija's character involve a lot of action scenes?) "My position will be seen more frequently in the office, so there will not be a lot of action scenes."

To suit his policeman image, Michael Tao especially went to the sun tanning salons to darken his skin. He loved his tanned results and vowed that he will never be a paled skinned man anymore!

Michael admitted that he tanned his whole body in the nude, but reporters pointed out, wouldn't the ultra-violet rays weaken his sensitive regions? Michael laughed, "I am not weak; I am very strong!" Michael feels thrilled and honored to be able to collaborate with Sonija on the new series.

Sammul Chan was originally filming overseas for series "Chor Lau Heung," but flew back to HK especially for the costume fitting. Sammul will have to rush back overseas to complete his filming afterwards.

Deep Ng's arm had a scar yesterday. He explained that he had suffered an injury while filming for a movie recently. Deep's character will only be in the series for 5-6 episodes. The script speaks of Deep's character leaving prison and accepting a job as a fitness trainer. He will then go to China to start his own business.

Since Deep was charged with drug possession last time while filming "The Academy," he said, "Last time, I underwent a difficult experience. But it was still happy collaborating with all the actors. I think I will be able to immerse into my character quickly this time too." (Will Deep's character return to the good side this time?) "Yes, as it was last time."

Ng Yat Yin will be playing a character who loves small animals.

aodinia's comments:
I have not yet seen "The Academy" so I have not bared any pain for the removable of the lead female cast. Disappointed that Tavia can't be in that series but her other project looks promising!

"I'm so sorry!!!"

Hey everyone! I'm so sorry for my week (probably more) of absence. Second semester has started and I'm kinda avoiding my computer. I already have two assignments to due already and it looks to be a killer! But I'm trying to go back to weekly updates so I wont update as often but I'll try as hard as I can. I'm postponing top five and decided to do another feature instead and depending on the time I'll try to post it up on Saturday. But then again there's my essay...

Have to go to dinner now, once I'm back I'll update! Oh and my email is not running at the moment so I'll reply once that starts running!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Top Five

A NEW Aodinia feature where I list my top five of...whatever! This can be anything from fav ancient series, fav evil mistress to the most delicious show! I venture to stand away from the normal awards and create my own.

I really dont have a picture to really spaz it up compared to my Twins feature but I thought I'd stick this five as once you google "top five" under google images, it comes as the second picture!

Top Five Feature Articles:

Filming at the Phillipines becomes so hot that Bosco Wong and Tavia Yeung have to dip in water to cool off

Credit translations to Em for article!

Bosco Wong and Tavia Yeung were filming earlier in the Philippines for new series "Casino Crisis" in a scene where a group of girls in a beauty pageant had to parade beside the pool and although Bosco wasn't required to get into the water, behind the camera he was still playing around with Tavia in the water. "The weather was too hot there, I believe it was around 40 degrees, so as soon as I saw the water, I was very happy and after the shoot was completed, I didn't think about it and jumped into the water to cool off. Everyone thought I was a bit mad, but with the heat, you can suffer if you don't cool down. On one day when we did the blessing ceremony, I was so hot that I had to go and cool off."

Bosco has another experience of being overheated: "I had hired a coupe sports car and I thought it would be easy to drive, but it is not the case because there is no air conditioning and with the hot weather and no wind, the car was difficult to handly and it was very hard work because I was so hot." He still had a good time filming because he was working opposite comedy masters Michael Miu and Bobby Au Yeung and there were many antics: "Michael and Bobby had to film an explosion sceen that told of them both getting black from the smoke, but people didn't know and thought they had tanned so much. I laughed too when I saw their looks."


Tavia's future release series!

Credits to BES for the scans!

Very much looking forward to "Land of Wealth" - 匯通天下 the most. It just looks more appealing and it seems for sure that Tavia and Steven are together. Much looking forward to their chemistry in it. Here's a few pics of them!

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